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As we find ourselves in difficult times, we extend our sympathy for those affected by COVID-19. We believe that everyone can contribute to prevent spreading the virus.  

We are committed to provide safety guideline to customers and employees as we learn more about COVID-19 through Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization. We are monitoring updates closely to be prepare as best as we can.

As we move forward providing our services, here are a few practical changes on our end:

Our Team​   

  • Wash our hands with soap regularly for at least 20 sec. 

  • We carry hand sanitizer in our vehicles. 

  • We're staying home when sick

  • We're keeping everyone informed as we learn more from CDC and WHO organizations. 

  • We carry face mask at all times when working indoors or opon request.

Our Visits ​

  • We're voiding handshakes over waving or "elbow bump" (we understand it can be awkward but safe)

  • We are not going to send anyone who is or feels sick to work in your home or stop for an estimate. 

  • We'll ask if anyone in your home is sick or feels sick for the safety of our employees. 

Other Practical Changes​

We're minimizing any form of contact as much as possible providing the following: 

  • Estimates and invoices will be delivered via email. 

  • We'll attached other brochures along with your estimate to avoid physical copies in your home.

  • We have online payments available


We appreciate your contribution, and together we will overcome these difficult times we are experiencing.  

COVID-19: Text
COVID-19: Text
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